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How To Become Your Own Travel Agent

When You Register You Will Have Immediate Access To Amazing Travel Discounts Plus Earn Commission Thru Our Host Travel Agency

How Does It Work?

Once you register to become a marketing representative you will have access to our Host Travel Agency.

Via Your Marketing Portal, Register For The Host Travel Agency

When you complete the enrollment process go to your "Virtual Office" and click on "PURCHASE ITA NOW" to get your Independent Travel Advisor (ITA) credentials.

Sign In With Your New Credentials and Start Booking!

Check your email for your credentials. Now you can start booking travel, take (optional) travel agent courses, and

book your own hotels/resorts/flights for the best

travel discounts today!

person holding passports
person holding passports
What Will I Have Access To?
Flights, hotels/resorts, cruises, train tickets, sports and entertainment, travel insurance, U.S. travel, international travel, villas, and vacation rentals, transfers, excursions and activities, travel courses, certifications and MORE.
red and white boat on sea during daytime
red and white boat on sea during daytime

Do I Have To Reach A Booking Quota?

Not at all! You can book as little or as much as you want.

What If I Can't Travel As Much...Can I Pause My Membership?

Yes you can. You can reach out

to our support team to pause your membership. There's also the standard 30 day grace period when you sign up in case you change your mind.

How Much Money Can I Make?

There's a built in agent commission for every booking you make, ranging from 5-20% of the total cost. You will get to keep 80% of that commission, the rest goes to the host agency.

Note: You don't make commission when you use your travel agent/employee discount.

What If I Have Questions?

The host agency has 24/7 support options for any booking related questions. If you have other questions you can email me:

The Travel Industry is Changing

Hosting Agencies are making it easier for people like you to be their own travel agent and earn travel commissions and discounts. But you need a Sponsor. Someone in the industry who can recommend you. If you want to be a part of this exciting new trend in traveling register today!